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Land Recycling/Zero Waste Ethic

We don’t like it when people waste food, but yet we keep building new buildings when we already have so many empty ones, close to population centers (even small ones), ready for reinvention.

Organic Vegetable Farm
Abandoned Building

Land Value Centralization

When you have a nice property to rehabilitate, attach some dilapidated properties or ugly vacant lots to the deal.  The value gain on the central property can be used to demolish old structures and green vacant lots, increasing the value of the entire portfolio.

Urban and Rural Permaculture

Any green space can be a grow space.  This not only provides food, but opportunity, skills development, and community connection.

Women Holding Hands
Small House

Community Land Trusts (CLTs) and Anti-gentrification

If gentrification is likely, it can be prevented right off the bat by keeping land affordable under a CLT.

Land banking

Portfolios of properties are stronger than individual properties.

Row of Houses
Community Garden

Creative Commons

Even when they are small-scale, community thrives when there are creative, inclusive places to gather.  Each space can have a different flavor.

Mentor-Based Entrepreneurial Educational Opportunities

Changing how we do education by supporting tacit learning and learning-by-doing opportunities right where people live, with skills people can use immediately.

Hands Together

Wu-Wei Approach toward Effortless Action and Spontaneity

An old Taoist principle. Never begin with an idea and impose it on a community.  Start with what you have and let the opportunity emerge naturally, with others.  Never force ideas or compete with locals, rather let opportunities emerge naturally and spontaneously.

Time Abundance and an Easier Life as Principal Values

The greatest wealth is an abundance of time — for connection with others, for rest, for creative pursuits, and just for living.  We can design communities that maximize that value for residents and visitors.

Drinks in the Garden
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